Torkel Klingberg, MD, PhD
Professor in Cognitive Neuroscience
Karolinska Institutet

E-mail: Torkel.Klingberg@ki.se
Phone: +46-8-52486359

Torkel Klingberg’s research is focused on the development and plasticity of working memory and the research focus of his group is summarized on the group research page. Recent articles can be downloaded from the list of publications from the group.

He is excutive officer in the non-profit organisation Cognition Matters.

Torkel Klingberg was one of the founders of the company Cogmed, which was subsequently acquired by Pearson Education. As of March 2019, Pearson is no longer the owner of Cogmed. Torkel Klingberg is now Chief Scientific Officer and part-owner of Cogmed.

He is a member of the scientific committé for the OECD Education 2030 Scientific Committee (E2030 SC) – “Future of Education and Skills 2030”.

He has published popular science books about working memory: “The overflowing brain” and “The learning brain”.