Research information:

As a postdoctoral researcher in the Klingberg group my focus is on understanding of how subcortical nuclei shape is related to genetic factors, behavioral and cognitive measures. I am interested in whether information about subcortical nuclei shape can be used in order to predict neurocognitive outcome or to predict the benefit of cognitive training.

I obtained my bachelor degree (2006) and master degree (2008) in Cognitive Psychology at la Sapienza University in Rome. In 2009 I started my PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience under the direction of Cecilia Guariglia. The main topic of my PhD was human spatial navigation and orientation in the environment, investigated by means of neuropsychological and neuroimaging technique.

During the first two years of my PhD I mainly worked with fMRI, designing cognitive tasks tapping egocentric orientation, allocentric orientation and memory of spatial sequences, and carrying out the statistical analysis on the same data. During these years I started a collaboration with Patrice Péran, focusing on multimodal imaging and MRI structural data analysis. This led to a one-year internship (2011-2012) at the INSERM Unity 825 in Toulouse, France. I got my PhD in 2013 and then spent 12 month as a Research Assistant in Toulouse, focusing on MRI-PET multimodal imaging, histogram analysis, MRI-based patients classification and subcortical nuclei shape analysis.

Refereed journal articles:

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