May 2014:

May 16th the lab organized a Symposium on the topic “Cognitive neuroscience in Education” in Aula Medica. Click “here”

for more information.

February 2014:

Scientific American writes about our latest study in “Brain Scans Show Promise for Early Detection of Cognitive Problems”


An articel in the Swedish Newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, featuring Torkel Klingberg, “Biologin sätter käppar i hjulet för vad vi klarar av”



November 2013:

The Magazine Skolportalen has interviewed Prof. Klingberg on how science and education can learn from each other. Click here

to read the whole interview (in Swedish)

October 2013:

Tonight (30th of October), you can see an interview with Prof. Klingberg in Lennart Nilsson’s movie “Livet sitter i hjärnan” that will be broadcasted on TV4 Fakta. Click here

for more info (in Swedish)

May 2013:

Comment on the recent article by Melby-Lervåg and Hulme (2013) by Torkel Klingberg

New York Times Book Review reports on Torkel Klingbergs latest book: “The Learning Brain”

Scientific American reports on our and others research in the article “brain training games for kids”.

April 2013:

Charlotte Nymberg, a postdoctoral researcher, was recently welcomed in our lab. Charlotte graduated from King’s College London and she is specialized in combining neuroimaging and genetics.

March 2013:

Megan Spencer-Smith gave two talks organised by the Swedish Psychological Society in collaboration with Child and Youth Rehabilitation in Östersund, Sweden: -Understanding variability in outcomes for children after working memory training
-Developmental pathways of mathematical achievement

February 2013:

After approximately five years, Stina Söderqvist has left the lab and will continue her career at Cogmed Pearson training assessments. Her presence will be greatly missed in the lab and we wish her all the best in the future!

November 2012:

Recent presentations in Swedish by our lab members on the following topics: Adhd och arbetsminnet

(S. Söderqvist), Träning och den lärande hjärnan

(E. Lidman), Gener, hjärnan och barns utveckling

(T. Klingberg).

October 2012:

The latest lab publication

on cognitive training in children with intellectual disabilities (by Söderqvist et al.) is out now!

Three new people joined the lab: Maria Kareliusson, Pedro Ribeiro (research assistants) and Elin Helander (Master student). Check out our people’s page

to find out more about their interests.

June 2012:

On June 8th Dr. Stina Söderqvist succesfully defended her PhD thesis titled: “Probing and pushing potential – genetics, development and training of cognitive functions.” She will continue working in the lab as a postdoctoral researcher.

May 2012:

Fahimeh Darki and colleagues conducted a Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) study that was accepted for publication by Biological Psychiatry. The title of the article is “Three dyslexia susceptibility genes, DYX1C1, DCDC2, and KIAA0319, affect temporo-parietal white matter structure”

January 2012:

A study by Tim Ziermans and colleagues, “Working memory brain activity and capacity link MAOA polymorphism to aggressive behavior during development”, was accepted for publication by Translational Psychiatry. Tim also received a poster award for presenting this study at the 2012 edition of the International Imaging Genetics Conference (IIGC)

at the University of California at Irvine.

Daniel Labbé and Oliver Vikbladh have joined the lab. Daniel will focus on motivation and working memory for his Master’s degree; Oliver will help with multiple projects in the lab as a research assistant.

December 2011:

Torkel Klingberg accepted an invitation to become a member of the Nobel Assembly

, a body that awards the annual Nobel prize for Physiology or Medicine.

November 2011:

Stina Söderqvist and colleagues published an article in Developmental Psychology titled: “Dopamine, working memory, and training induced plasticity: Implications for developmental research.”

Henrik Ullman received a grant from the Board of Postgraduate Education at the Karolinska Institute (KI) in support of a Clinical Scientist Training Program


September 2011:

Elin Lidman and Henrik Ullman have officially started their PhD projects. Elin’s project will focus on physical activity and training of working memory.
Henrik’s project is titled “Modelling cognitive development with magnetic resonance technique for predicting outcome in mild traumatic brain injury and preterm birth children.”

Our lab hosted a well-attended 2-day symposium

on neurocognitive plasticity across the lifespan

August 2011:

Megan Spencer-Smith, PhD, is a new postdoc in the lab investigating cognitive development and plasticity.

A third round of assessments has started for an ongoing longitudinal project (Brainchild) on typical brain development and cognition.

June 2011:

Torkel Klingberg & Tim Ziermans received a Swedish Research Council (VR) Conference grant in support of the oncoming symposium “Boosting the brain: Neuroplasticity and cognition across the lifespan”.

Chantal Roggeman received a Swedish Research Council (VR) Fellowship for the project: “Cognitive control of working memory: influence of capacity and precision”.

Tim Ziermans received a COFAS Marie Curie Fellowship for the project: “Working memory development and risk for psychopathology”.