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Fahimeh Darki, Torkel Klingberg

Functional differentiation between convergence and non-convergence zones of the striatum in children Journal Article

NeuroImage, 173 (January), pp. 384–393, 2018, ISSN: 10538119.

Abstract | Links | Tags: Basal ganglia, Neuroimaging, Parcellation, Tractography, Working Memory


F Darki, M Peyrard-Janvid, H Matsson, J Kere, T Klingberg

DCDC2 Polymorphism Is Associated with Left Temporoparietal Gray and White Matter Structures during Development Journal Article

Journal of Neuroscience, 34 (43), pp. 14455–14462, 2014, ISSN: 0270-6474.

Abstract | Links | Tags: ciliary function, developmental dyslexia, ginal and angular gyrus, Neuroimaging, reading ability, Single nucleotide polymorphism, SNP, supramar-


Torkel Klingberg

Development of a superior frontal–intraparietal network for visuo-spatial working memory Journal Article

Neuropsychologia, 44 (11), pp. 2171–2177, 2006, ISSN: 00283932.

Abstract | Links | Tags: Child, development, Frontal, Functional magnetic resonance imaging, Myelination, Neuroimaging, Parietal, Working Memory